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About Alegra Ally | Alegra Ally

About Alegra Ally

ally1Alegra Ally is a documentary photographer and a Fellow member of “The Explorers Club” currently living in Sydney, Australia.

 “I feel passionate and committed to work on issues relating to Empowerment of women and girls, diminishing cultures, global health, sustainability and the environment. This year I am pleased to be invited to attend a masters degree in Anthropology at Macquarie University in Sydney. I am looking forward to this coming academic year and the opportunity to study while continuing to develop my project and find new collaborations.”

Ally has worked extensively with some of Papua’s most remote tribes, including the Kosua of the Bosavi crater as well as the Meakambut, a semi-nomadic group that occupy rock shelters and caves in seasonal rotation with hunting shelters.

Ally first travelled solo to Papua New Guinea in 1997, at the age of 17, where she spent months living with isolated tribes. She crossed the Sepik River by canoe twice, trekked the Kokoda Trail, and became initiated  into one of the Sepik tribes as well as  into the Kosua tribe. Her first book describing her travels in Papua, “Touching Genesis”, was published in 2001.

In the last four years Ally has dedicated her work to project “Wild Born”. Through film, photography and writing, this project documents the ancient ways, intimate ceremonies and sacred rites surrounding childbirth amongst tribal women. To learn more about the project please visit the project page.

With her husband, Ally offers yoga and whale swim eco trips in Tonga to raise awareness towards ocean and marine life conservation through personal experience of interacting with the magnificent Humpback whales


2011-2013- Expedition leader at Whale Encounters 

2013- Production manager at Wineram productions

2011-2013 – Manager at Apnea Australia

2008-2010- Extreme sports photographer

2004-2008- Fitness industry – Les mills- “Body balance” instructor. 
Les Mills – “Body combat” instructor.  Fitness consultant certification. 
Aerobic kickboxing instructor. 

2003-2004- Tour guide -”Gaia tours” (Turkey)

1999-2008- Naui, TDI Scuba diving instructor, deep dive specialty, wreak specialty, night dive specialty, (south Africa,Red Sea)


Founder of the “Yoga Whale Project” educational programs for children around Tonga relating to marine conservation and Yoga practice.

Creator of  “Step Into Our World” Campaign. Step into our world is an expressive way for the indigenous people to share with the rest of the world through drawings and story telling how they feel about their life, their environment and the changes that they are facing, It’s their way to send a message to the world and to share with us who they really are.

Project “Wild Born”. Documentation through photography, writing & filming, the ancient ways and practice of births amongst tribal women in some of the most hostile environments known to man.


2014 – Himba, Namibia- Project “Wild Born”

2013– Palawan, Philippines- In search for the cave people
2011/2012- Papua New Guinea -Project “Wild Born”

2011-2013 Tonga Freediving & Whale encounters expedition. Leader, Photographer

2011-Vanuatu FreeDiving Expedition -operator, Leader, photographer

Exhibitions, Lectures, Publications:

2014- Honourable mention in Eckhart Tolle photo competition.

2014- MAG Forum Photo. Article

Art exhibition at the University of creative arts, UK
Lectures at University of creative art, UK
2001– Published a journey book to Papua New Guinea, “Touching Genesis”

2014 – M.A in Applied Anthropology- Sydney, Australia

2007– Film school, Minshar (Israel) completed one year of study

Fitness trainer, “Wingate” institute of sport.  Core conditioning instructor

2002 – Watsu practitioner
2000– Nature Conservation studies – South Africa