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About the Project

Wild Born Project’ is set to research and document the socio-cultural,ecological and economic aspects which embroider the traditions and practices of natural childbirth amongst tribal women. Through field ethnography and photography the expeditions aims to provide a collection of oral traditions, educational reservoir and outstanding photography.

Why is the ‘Wild Born‘ project important?

This project celebrates women and cultural diversity, particularly the resilience, roles and power of tribal women and girls. It also enhances the continuation of their heritage for future generations. During the time spent with each community I will be accompanying a pregnant  woman who will be in the ninth month of her pregnancy. With her acceptance, I will follow the preparation for the birth and the whole process surrounding it. My hope is that the outcomes of the project will provide an educational reservoir of cultural and traditional knowledge. This is important as tribal life is disappearing and with it a rich history and traditional knowledge. Ultimately this project could help people around the world better understand and support tribal communities.